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Filter solutions for construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships and combustion engines

Filters are at the heart of every machine and every engine. They ensure that your machinery runs smoothly and is protected from contamination. But with over 9000 different filters to choose from, finding the right filter can quickly become a challenge. Don't worry, we at The Filter Solution have the solution!

Our filter catalogue offers an impressive selection of filters for hydraulics, intake air, lubricants, fuel and coolant. Whether you need an oil mist separator, an oil filter or an air filter, simply enter the model, brand or reference number in our search box and let us do the rest. We specialise in parts for a wide range of vehicles and machinery, from construction and agricultural machinery to marine and internal combustion engines.

Rely on our high-quality filters to protect your machinery and ensure your vehicles get back on the road and keep running. We offer both original and equivalent filters for machines from leading brands such as STAR, DODGE, FORD, HYUNDAI, IVECO BUS, IVECO CAR, ISUZU, MAN, MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLVO, COMBILIFT and many more.

And that's not all - we also have the right filtration solutions for cars and passenger cars. Whether estate car, saloon, 4x4 or sports car, our filters are suitable for vehicles from leading brands such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Chrysler, Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai and many others.

But we don't just offer filters for vehicles. Our mobile filters are perfect for a variety of environments and applications, including tugboats, ships, aeroplanes and more. With our high-quality filter solutions, you'll make sure,

✔ Large selection: Over 9000 filters for various machines and engines

✔ Time-saving: Simple search by model, brand or reference number

✔ Reliable protection: Filter solutions of the highest quality against contamination and wear

✔ Versatile use: For construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships and combustion engines

✔ Original and equivalent filters available from international brands

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  • Oil Lubricant

    As engine technology continues to advance, you need lube filtration to match. Serving as the preferred OEM partner for top engine manufacturers keeps Fleetguard ahead of the game, understanding lube filter requirements as engines are developed. This partnership helps us design lube filters like the Fleetguard LF14000NN series with patented NanoNet® technology to provide better performance and fuel economy.

    Product advantages:

    ✔ High performance - With NanoNet® technology for improved performance

    ✔ Fuel saving - Efficient lubricating oil filtration

    ✔ Reliable brand - Original equipment manufacturer and partner of leading engine manufacturers

    ✔ Durability - Robust material for construction machinery, tractors, buses and lorries

    ✔ Expertise - Developed with knowledge from many years of partnership with engine manufacturers

    Product benefits + description:

    1) Maximum performance for your machine.

    Our oil filters are equipped with the innovative NanoNet® technology, which guarantees improved performance. This advanced technology ensures that your engine is optimally protected and can therefore maximise its performance. With our oil filter, you can be sure that your machine is always in top form and can deliver maximum performance.

    2) Save fuel - protect the environment.

    Thanks to our efficient lubricating oil filtration, you can not only increase the performance of your machine, but also save fuel. Cleanly filtered lubricating oil ensures smooth operation and therefore contributes to fuel efficiency. With our oil filter, you can not only save costs, but also actively protect the environment by using less fuel.

    3) Reliability you can build on.

    As an original equipment manufacturer and partner of leading engine manufacturers, Fleetguard stands for absolute reliability. Our oil filters are specially developed to meet the high requirements of engine manufacturers. You can rely on the quality and durability of our products to keep your machines optimally protected and running at all times.

    4) Durability for demanding applications.

    Our oil filters are made of robust material and specially designed for use in construction machinery, tractors, buses and lorries. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions and ensure reliable lubricating oil filtration. With our oil filter, you can be sure that your machines will work reliably for a long time.

    5) Expertise from many years of partnership.

    Thanks to our long-standing partnership with engine manufacturers, we have invaluable expertise that is incorporated into the


    FAQ about the product:

    A. Question: Which vehicle types are suitable for using Fleetguard oil filters?

    B. Answer: Fleetguard oil filters are suitable for construction machinery, tractors, buses and lorries. They are specifically designed for these types of vehicles to ensure the highest quality and performance.

    A. Q. What is NanoNet® technology and how does it benefit me?

    B. Answer: NanoNet® technology is a patented technology from Fleetguard that provides improved performance and fuel economy. The fine nanofibres in the filter achieve more efficient dirt separation, resulting in longer engine life and greater fuel efficiency.

    A. Question: Why should I choose Fleetguard oil filters?

    B. Answer: Fleetguard is a preferred original equipment manufacturer and partner to leading engine manufacturers. Many years of experience and partnerships enable Fleetguard to develop oil filters that meet the demanding requirements of engine development and offer first-class performance.

    A. Question: How often should the oil filter be changed?

    B. Answer: Oil filter change recommendations may vary depending on vehicle type, operating conditions and manufacturer specifications. As a general rule, it is recommended to change the oil filter regularly at the prescribed service intervals to ensure optimum engine performance.

    A. Q. Where can I find more information about Fleetguard oil filters?

    B. Answer: For more information on Fleetguard oil filters and their applications, you can ask your workshop manager or mechanic or go directly to the Fleetguard website.

  • Hydraulic filter

    Extremely high pressures. Extraordinarily tight tolerances. There are more demands on today’s hydraulic systems than ever before, so keeping them free of abrasive particles is critical. In fact, 90% of all hydraulic system failures are due to fluid contamination. Choosing quality Fleetguard suction, return-line and pressure filters for your hydraulics will keep your equipment on the job instead of in the shop.

  • Fuel filter

    Whether powering an 18-wheeler down the highway or a bulldozer on a construction site, your engines are exposed to dirt, rust, water and other contaminants. Quality fuel filtration can keep all that bad stuff from causing significant damage to your engine — and your business. Fleetguard fuel filters and processors deliver best-in-class performance using proprietary media like StrataPore® and NanoNet® that meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance.

  • Air filter

    When it comes to air filtration, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the job or location, one type of air filter media will work better than others. With decades of experience, we can configure our proprietary media so you get the best protection and performance, whether you’re hauling freight or moving earth.

  • Water Filter
  • Service Kits
  • Maschine Kit

FF5018 Fuel, Spin-On


Fleetguard® FF5018 spin-on fuel filter delivers superior performance using proven media technology, removing harmful contaminants. Fleetguard fuel filters ensure optimal fuel system protection to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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