Filters for combustion engines. With our oil filters, oil mist separators, air filters, your construction business, emergency power generator, CHP or your farm is optimally equipped.


  • Oil Lubricant

    As engine technology continues to advance, you need lube filtration to match. Serving as the preferred OEM partner for top engine manufacturers keeps Fleetguard ahead of the game, understanding lube filter requirements as engines are developed. This partnership helps us design lube filters like the Fleetguard LF14000NN series with patented NanoNet® technology to provide better performance and fuel economy.

  • Hydraulic filter

    Extremely high pressures. Extraordinarily tight tolerances. There are more demands on today’s hydraulic systems than ever before, so keeping them free of abrasive particles is critical. In fact, 90% of all hydraulic system failures are due to fluid contamination. Choosing quality Fleetguard suction, return-line and pressure filters for your hydraulics will keep your equipment on the job instead of in the shop.

  • Fuel filter

    Whether powering an 18-wheeler down the highway or a bulldozer on a construction site, your engines are exposed to dirt, rust, water and other contaminants. Quality fuel filtration can keep all that bad stuff from causing significant damage to your engine — and your business. Fleetguard fuel filters and processors deliver best-in-class performance using proprietary media like StrataPore® and NanoNet® that meets or exceeds OEM quality and performance.

  • Air filter

    When it comes to air filtration, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the job or location, one type of air filter media will work better than others. With decades of experience, we can configure our proprietary media so you get the best protection and performance, whether you’re hauling freight or moving earth.

  • Water Filter
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