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    We offer both electronic and mechanical accelerator pedals for vehicles. Accelerator pedals let you take control of the speed.

  • Actuators


    It's a matter of control and precision that must be regulated to the millisecond. Actuator is the perfect tool to fulfill your needs. Unstable speeds for power fluctuations. Energotch speed controler.

  • Engine preheater

    Engine preheater

    The engine preheater for combustion engines from Energotech AG is a professional tool for engine preheating on large machines. Preheating is essential to ensure an optimal start of the engine. With the engine heater from Energotech AG you can increase the service life and efficiency of your engine. The engine heater enables the coolant, engine blocks, battery, fuel tanks and hydraulic oil tanks to be heated quickly and evenly. This allows you to start your systems efficiently and ensure that your machine is always ready for use.

  • Hand lever

    Hand lever

    With Energotech's machine control hand lever, you can rest easy knowing you're in control. . Experience a sense of control and precision!

  • Battery chargers

    Battery chargers

    Start your engine and immerse yourself in the world of the impossible. With battery chargers you can be sure that your engine will start anytime, anywhere. Our innovative charger allows you to have the full, working battery you need. With battery chargers you get the impossible.

  • Sensoren
  • Joystick


    The joystick is your gripper that puts you in control of your machine - it's the key to fast and precise control. With the different joystick variants of Joystick you get a feeling of power and reliability in your hands. Grab the joystick from Joystick and improve the precision and comfort of your work.

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    DPF Filter Silencer Muffer Compensator Bellows Rain Caps
  • Speed controller

    Speed controller

    It's time to build off-grid energy sources and supplies. Fuel cell batteries allow engineers to complete their project. Start your project with a lithium battery (LiFePO4) and the associated smart battery management system (BMS). Develop your off-grid energy supply into an intelligent, powerful and efficient energy source. Utilize the life of the battery and protect it from overcharging and deep discharging. Be part of the energy revolution with fuel cell batteries.

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    Generator Protection Line Differential Protection Motor Protection Power Distribution Transformatorschutz
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  • Chemicals and Coolants
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