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Generator Protection
Line Differential Protection
Motor Protection
Power Distribution


  • Generator protection

    Generator protection

    A broken generator can lead to power outages, resulting in delays and costs. With generator protection you are protected from potential dangers. Our generator protection relays offer you an optimal level of protection, higher availability and lower costs, so you can work without worries and penalties. Rely on generator protection!

  • Grid decoupling

    Grid decoupling

    Power outages are a painful experience - especially when they not only waste time, but ultimately endanger the security of our power grid. We at Energotech AG can offer you the solution you need: Our intelligent devices ensure stability and security in your network with network decoupling. With the use of our technology you get control - and an efficient and reliable energy supply.

  • Engine protection

    Engine protection

    Give your electric motor the special protection package. With Elektor motor protection you ensure that your motor is protected against excessive electrical, thermal or mechanical stress. Find the peace and security that enables you to do your daily work and get a good night's sleep knowing that your engine is performing consistently and reliably. Elektor engine protection - your engine, your safety.

  • Outgoing protection

    Outgoing protection

    The world of energy supply is full of abysses from which you have to protect yourself. We at Energotech AG understand that. With outgoing feeder protection, we offer you the safest and most precise option for protecting the entire energy chain. With our highest relay you are not only protected against voltage dips, but also against other dangers of the energy supply. Rely on the safety and precision of Energotech AG' outlet protection!

  • Transformer protection

    Transformer protection

    A reliable energy supply is the cornerstone of our global economy and our quality of life. Transformer protection is an essential part of this process. Transformer protection devices from Energotech AG offer you the highest level of safety and reliability: They protect your systems from expensive, serious damage that can have serious consequences. Protect yourself from expensive consequences - protect your systems with transformer protection devices from Energotech AG.

  • Line differential...

    Line differential protection

    Every engineer knows that differential protection is a key component in power transmission. When it comes to security and reliability, fiber optic communications is the solution. With line differential protection from Energotech AG, your overhead line or your cable is optimally protected - and the protection is so selective that fiber-optic-based communication is extremely fast and secure. Your network is secure with Energotech AG!

BN1 Mains Decoupling Relay...

BN1 Mains Decoupling Relay (BN1400)

Das BN1-400 der BASIC LINE ist ein universelles Netzentkupplungsrelais zur Überwachung der
Strangspannungen und beinhaltet die vom VDEW und vieler EVU für den Netzparallelbetrieb von
Energieerzeugungsanlagen geforderten Schutzfunktionen:
• Unter- und Überspannungsschutz
• Unter- und Überfrequenzschutz
• Schnelle Trennung des Generators vom Netz bei Spannungsvektorsprüngen
• Phasenfolgeüberwachung

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XR1 RotorEarth Fault Relayt

XR1 RotorEarth Fault Relayt

Das XR1 der easy PROFESSIONAL LINE ist ein Schutzgerät zur Erfassung von Rotorerdschlüssen bei Synchronmaschinen.
Die Erdschlussstufe erkennt hoch- und niederohmige Erdschlüsse der Rotorwicklungen. Sie ist zweistufig (für Alarm und Auslösung) ausgelegt.

Das XR1 erfüllt alle Anforderungen der IEC 60255-1.

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MCDGV4 generator protection...

MCDGV4 generator protection relay

The generator differential protection relay MCDGV4 is a high precision protection for medium and high power generators. The step-up transformer can be integrated into the protection zone (unit protection/ block protection). In addition to the phase and earth differential protection, the device provides a variety of generator-specific protection functions.

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WIC1 overcurrent and earth...

WIC1 overcurrent and earth fault protection (CT powered

The WIC1 is a CT supplied overcurrent relay with earth current monitoring. Due to the CT supply, no auxiliary voltage is required. It is suitable for harsh environments and operates in a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. According to Woodward, the WIC1 can operate maintenance-free for a period of 20 years.

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